Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Presents

Thank you everyone for all the presents!!

Hunting Coyotes

December 2012

We headed out to Gandy to get a Christmas tree & Jared promised Chris they'd go coyote hunting.  Well, we got our tree but no coyotes, but we did see one and took a shot at it, but didn't get it.

heading to find a good spot to try and call in some coyotes

some views out across the valley

found a place to sit and wait

be very quiet....I'm hunting coyotes

Spring Mountain

heading back to the truck

might as well practice shooting something....even if it is just a plastic cup

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More Fall Leaves

We took a few drives this fall to go and check out some of the beautiful fall leaves

Mt Nebo Loop

Butterfield Canyon

the reds were out in full force

what a goof ball

the yellows were very bright too

my boys...they were actually watching some deer too

The fall colors were absolutely amazing this fall.  We took 3 or 4 different drives up different canyons to go and look at them.  One of the times Chris even said "Not another drive to look at leaves"

Heber Creeper

September 15, 2012

Today we went for a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad down Provo Canyon.  We got to see some great views of the beautiful fall leaves.

cool engine...not its not the one that pulled our train

but this is one of the cars on our train today

some of the beautiful leaves

OH No!  We've been boarded by train robbers!

Hands Up!

They got the cash box from the train

little canyon off of Deer Creek Reservoir

back side of Mount Timpanogos

some little boy is getting tickled

the train stopped off at a picnic area and we got to enjoy some of the Provo river

mom and her little boy

lil guy on the train

being goofy

my boys